Report Child Abuse

in the UK call Childline on free phone 0800 1111 from any phone.

Finding numbers of agencies to report child abuse can be difficult. I have pulled the details together for a few agencies in English speaking countries.

If you have the knowledge to help me compile pages in other languages for other countries I will appreciate your help.

UK - Children

If you are a child and you want help, call childline.

The service is 100% confidential (that means its a secret between you and them), and they will listen to you and understand what you are telling them, and what is happening to you, they will talk to you and help you find a way to sort out your problem.

The number is free, and you can call from your mobile, your home phone, your friends house or any telephone box in the UK.

The number is: 0800 1111

Always remember if you want help at anytime, the police will help you, just call 999 from any phone, tell them you are a child and need help, they will send someone straight away.

If you want more information about childline, their website is at:

UK - Children or Adults

If you are an adult or child, and you want to report the abuse of a child you know, contact the NSPCC (national society for the protection of children) use these numbers below.

  • NSPCC Child Protection Helpline: Freephone 0808 800 5000
  • If you think you or a child is in immediate danger, call the police on 999
  • If you're worried about a child's safety or welfare or if you need help or advice, ring their helpline on 0808 800 5000.

The NSPCC also provides support in a few other languages;

  • Bengali/Sylheti: 0800 096 7714
  • Gujurati: 0800 096 7715
  • Hindi: 0800 096 7716
  • Punjabi: 0800 096 7717
  • Urdu: 0800 096 7718
  • Asian Helpline Service in English: 0800 096 7719

You can visit their site at

Stop it Now!

Freephone 0808 1000 900

This service operates in the UK and Ireland

Stop it Now! UK and Ireland is a child sexual abuse prevention campaign and Helpline. It is run by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, the only UK-wide child protection charity dedicated solely to reducing the risk of children being sexually abused.

We support adults to play their part in prevention through providing sound information, educating members of the public, training those who work with children and families and running our Freephone confidential Helpline.

Our Helpline is available to:

  • adults worried about the sexual behaviour of other adults or children and young people
  • those worried about their own sexual thoughts or behaviour towards children, including those with concerns about their online behaviour
  • friends and relatives of people arrested for sexual offending, including internet offending
  • any other adult with a concern about child sexual abuse - including survivors and professionals

We believe that child sexual abuse is preventable, not inevitable, and urge anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse to seek help. By working together we can prevent child sexual abuse.

We are working on getting other telephone numbers together to expand this page, any help you can give would be appreciated.