Who am I?

I am David Spinney, an adult webmaster. I create adult sites, for adults. I try to restrict access for minors, but most blocking tools and practices only work if the parents take some responsibility and implement content filters or monitor their child's internet habits.

I live in Spain with my wife and her teenage son. We have strict rules on our sons internet access, and monitor everything he views. We disconnect his connection when we are not here to supervise him.

As a family we have discussed the reasons why we do this, and have explained what to be wary of from new people contacting him in chat rooms, on messenger services and other "children" joining him in on-line games.

By treating him as an adult on this topic he has stayed away from inappropriate sites (the threat of loss of access may also have something to do with this adherence).



A person who designs, builds and maintains internet web sites.

Messenger Services:

There are many of these available for free use - AOL Instant messenger, Yahoo, Terra, MSN are some of the most used. These allow users to have real time conversations across the web. Unless your child has a camera and can see that the other user is a child, or is a personal friend, there is no way of knowing for sure that the person at the end is who they claim to be.